Ghost Town (Saranormal Book 1)

Sara has a secret, she sees people who aren’t always there. This is a safe series for teen and pre-teen series for those who like ghosts who just need help moving on and who don’t intend to scare. This is a well written series with good role models all around.

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13 Director's Cut (Atlas of Cursed Places).jpg

The Atlas of Cursed Places: Director’s Cut

This middle grade series is a surprisingly good find for haunting tales with the right amount of creepy without really going beyond an early teen capacity for spooky horror. The stories focus on a group experience, so the characters never face the unknown alone, a device that keeps the scary themes under control. This particular book is one of the best in the series and a great place to start.

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16 Algernon Graeves is Scary Enough.jpg

Algernon Graeves is Scary Enough

Yes he is. He really is. This picture book alternates between genuinely terrifying two page illustrations and cute little art like the guy on the cover. It’s a fun story of a boy seeking his Halloween persona, but if reading to a small child it might be best to skip every other page!

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This is a great haunted orphanage story for enthusiastic readers and reluctant readers alike. It is a graphic novel that alternates between modern day and retro times to combine the day the orphanage closed with the new kid moving in next door. A thrilling read with illustrations that raise the bar. Not recommended for readers under 14.

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10 Boris and Bella.jpg

Boris and Bella

This story is proof that not only do opposites attract but they may find that they have more in common than they think! A monstrously romantic picture book for young and old alike.

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09 The Lady Who was not Afraid.jpg

The Little Old Lady Who Was Not Afraid Of Anything

Need to give yourself some courage this Halloween? Follow this Little Old Lady who still gets a bit of a fright!

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05 Coraline.jpg


Coraline considers herself to be an explorer, and she has just discovered a mysterious locked door in the parlor. Where will it lead? What will she find? As with all good good adventures, she just might find out something about herself! This is a great slightly spooky for middle grade readers to discover, and everyone else too!

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07 Frightful Michael.jpg

The Frightful Ride of Michael McMichael

Fun and funny with a surprise twist for readers and listeners at the end. This is a happy little chiller suitable for even the very young.

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The Gathering.gif

The Gathering (Shadow House #1)

With an extra creepy cover, this book is sure to enthrall. It is the tale of five children lured to a hungry haunted house. A chilling intermediate grade novel for youth who are not easily frightened.

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One For Sorrow

A young girl in a new home and in a new school experiences bullying and is a bit of a bully herself, until a bullied girl comes back for revenge! This ghost story appeals to intermediate and young adult readers who like a Victorian peek into the unknown.

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Cinderella Skeleton

The illustrations are awesome and the twisting rhyme is fun to follow, the only caution is that the poem is a bit long winded.

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One-Eyed Doll (Scary Tales)

This quick story has a nice little chill without going too far for the young and young at heart. This is the kind of story that might be told and retold at campfires and sleepovers for years to come.

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Dread Nation

If you are a fan of The Walking Dead, this is the book for you! There is zombie-killing violence, some sexual innuendo, and a little language, so this is not recommended for everyone, but it is an intense thrill ride in Civil War-era America.

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The Roll-Away Pumpkin

This book is not specifically a Halloween story, nor is it scary at all, but it does involve a very large pumpkin wreaking havoc as it rolls through the town. The illustrations in this picture book are quirky and delightful. If you are looking for a smile rather than a scream, pick up this little charmer.

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