We are looking for reviewers who are able to

  • Love children and children’s entertainment
  • Write engaging reviews while staying professional
  • Separate personal opinions from the skill it took to create the work
  • Present information with evidence to analyze an item’s strengths and weaknesses
  • Identify content that may be offensive or inappropriate for some readers

We make every effort to choose books that the reviewers will like, but not all books are well-written, enjoyable, or might have content that is disturbing to some readers. As we are unable to read all of the books we review in advance, reviewers should know that there is no guarantee of the item fitting their preferences or morals.

Requirements and Compensation

All reviewers are required to submit at least 6 reviews per year. Each reviewer will be assigned 2 reviews each year. The remaining reviews will be selected by the reviewer. The CMBR will send the reviewer 1 book to keep compensation for every 2 published reviews. Compensation books do not need to be reviewed.