Frozen Free Fall

App Information
Rating: Excellent
Interest Level: Primary, Intermediate, Young Adult
Devices Used: Kindle Fire; iPod Touch 4; Moto G
Platforms Available: Windows; Apple; Android; Amazon
Developer: Disney
Version/Update: 2.6
Category: Games


Frozen Free Fall is a classic match three game spin-off, but it offers many variations in the world of Frozen to keep users entertained. The game has several challenges, including reaching a target score, timed challenges, eliminating a set number of tiles of a certain color, and dropping special items to the bottom, among others. Charms or power-ups are created by matching more than three titles. These charms can be combined to get rid of even more tiles. Special tiles are sometimes added to make the levels more complex or to provide additional level goals. Each level also has a companion or choice of companion from the movie that can with a special power-up to help achieve the goals. Power-ups are gained by earning stars and the daily reward.

The game has over 400 unique levels. Items can be purchased, but it is not necessary for success, and there are no ads to get in the way of playing. Some levels are difficult, but with patience (and perhaps the use of a few charms or power-ups) they can be defeated. It does not require internet to play, but it gives you a daily reward if you are connected to the internet. The game is updated frequently, adding new levels and powers to keep the game interesting. Because lives are only gained every half an hour up to a total of five (although more can be gained from daily rewards), it helps keep play time down while still allowing for hours of fun. For fans of the movie or for those who like casual match 3 games, Frozen Free Fall is not to be missed.

*In-App purchases are available