Website Information
Rating: Outstanding
Interest Level: Intermediate
URL: https://www.icivics.org/
Subscription Fee: None

If a kid wants to run for president, become a lawyer, control the Federal budget, or just learn more about civics, iCivics will allow them to do those things and more. It has civics-related games that can be played without registering, but creating an account allows users to earn achievements, dress up their avatar, and earn impact points to make a real difference in the world. iCivics users can earn impact points through playing games and then donate them to their favorite causes. At the end of the competition, the cause with the most points get $1000 for their project. The website includes teacher resources such as lesson plans and class organizational tools to help their students make the most of the website.

Founded by Justice Sandra Day O’Connor, this government sponsored website is a great resource to learn about civics in a fun way. With a variety of games about topics including how to get involved in the community, foreign policy, running for president, the Bill of Rights, and how Supreme Court decisions are made, students can learn in a way that is fun enough to not feel like they are learning. The teacher lesson plans and resources are excellent tools to use along with the games for kids. Whether the user is a student wanting to learn more about government or a teacher looking for a way to help their students enjoy civics, iCivics will be a hit.