Dogs Are People, Too: A Collection of Cartoons to Make Your Tail Wag

Book Information
Rating: Excellent
Reading/Interest Level: Primary, Intermediate, Young Adult
Author: Dave Coverly
Publisher: Henry Holt and Co. (BYR)
Year: 2015
ISBN: 9781627790420
Pages: 224

Dave Coverly, the creator of the comic Speed Bump, has compiled this collection of hilarious dog-related single-panel cartoons. Each section pokes fun at different facets of canine life, and a few chapters highlight some fun facts and interesting historical stories about dogs. Also included are several recollections from the author’s own life about the dogs he has owned and loved.

Dogs Are People, Too is packed with creative humor that will easily make you laugh out loud. The cartoons are presented in vivid colors, and they are arranged on colorful pages which makes the book even more aesthetically pleasing. Like most comics, the reader requires a basic knowledge base of the material in order to understand the humor of it, which makes this book most appealing to dog-lovers who are sure to recognize and appreciate the subtle humor. The author’s personal stories that are interspersed are comical and touching, and in a way they explain why he is so well-versed and fascinated with the topic of dogs in his comics. A few of the jokes are mildly off-colored (dealing with canine bodily functions, for example), but the majority of the book is clean and very entertaining. Overall, this is an exciting and amusing compilation of cartoons that illustrates the humor of all things dog-related.