Marty and Grace #2: Tentacles

Book Information
Rating: Outstanding
Reading/Interest Level: Intermediate, Young Adult
Author: Roland Smith
Publisher: Scholastic Press
Year: 2009
ISBN: 9780545166881
Pages: 319

Travis Wolfe and his business partner, Ted Bronson, are in need of money to help finance their search for cryptids. The two men agree to a paid expedition to capture a giant squid for the Northwest Zoo and Aquarium of Seattle. Marty and Grace join Wolfe on the sea voyage, along with Marty’s boarding school roommate, Luther. Because Noah Blackwood poses such a threat, Wolfe secretly brings the Mokélé-mbembé eggs onboard under extreme security measures. But Blackwood’s spies and his best hunter, Butch McCall, infiltrate the ship. When Wolfe’s ship reaches the coast of New Zealand to search for the squid, Blackwood stages a pirate raid and captures the Mokélé-mbembé eggs. Blackwood tries to kidnap Grace, but she voluntarily goes with him to everyone’s surprise.

In this book, Smith gives more insight behind the reclusive Ted Bronson and his amazing inventions for eWolfe. Marty and Grace have heard rumors that Ted Bronson is a reclusive, geeky genius who has not left his hut on Crytpos Island for three years. However, Marty finds out the truth onboard Wolfe’s ship when Marty discovers a fellow passenger is not who he claims to be. As Marty, Grace, and Luther prove their loyalty on the voyage, they are entrusted with information regarding eWolfe’s secret inventions, like a dragonfly-robot, a miniature nuclear-submarine, and impenetrable aquasuits. Tentacles is an extremely action-packed, imaginative book that will keep any reader glued to its pages late into the night. The next book in the Cryptid Hunters series is Chupacabra.