Camp Google

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Rating: Outstanding
Interest Level: Primary
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Camp Google is a Google website for kids with a science summer camp theme. It has a different science theme every week led by experts and specialists from organizations like NASA and National Park Service so that kids can have fun, interactive activities with science during the summer. All kids can enjoy the explanations and activities, but kids ages 7-10 are likely to benefit the most from the activities. There is a supply list for each week of activities so that parents can get the supplies for activities in advance, and parents can print out camp badges that kids earn as they complete activities.

Camp Google is a month long program that started in July of this year, but the past weeks have stayed up and will potentially stay up to inspire kids to continue to do fun activities. The activities are short enough that they will not take a lot of time to do but entertaining enough that even kids who aren’t as interested in science will be curious about the results. Kids who are already advanced in science might find the information simple or repetitive, but most kids will find at least something interesting to do from the four weeks of activities. Camp Google is a great way for kids to stay involved with science outside of school, and kids and parents will hope for more additions next year.