Hemingway Editor

Website Information
Rating: Dependable
Interest Level: Young Adult
URL: http://www.hemingwayapp.com/
Subscription Fee: None

Hemmingway Editor is an app that can be used online for free or downloaded to a computer for a fee. Its goal is to help writers strengthen their writing skills by identifying sentences that are hard to read, phrases and words that could have a simpler alternative, adverbs, and passive voice. It lights up potential problem areas in different colors so that they can be identified at a glance. It also shows the grade level that is required to understand the content based on the vocabulary and writing style. It includes basic text formatting and a writing mode so that users can both write and edit in the app.

Hemmingway Editor is a useful tool to strengthen writing as long as the user understands that its word is not law. The app doesn’t explain why it is important to avoid using adverbs or passive voice, so users will need to look for other sources to understand the principles. It also cannot be used as a guarantee to make the writing strong because longer, complex sentences, adverbs, or even passive voice are not always a problem. Users can use this website as a launching point to be aware of how to simplify and strengthen their writing, but to understand the principles to know when it is necessary to follow the suggestions of the editor they will have to go somewhere else.