Jinx #2: Jinx's Magic

Book Information
Rating: Excellent
Reading/Interest Level: Intermediate
Author: Sage Blackwood
Publisher: Katherine Tegen Books
Year: 2014
ISBN: 9780062129932
Pages: 390

Jinx can do magic, but that doesn’t mean that he understands it. When he is being stalked by a werewolf with a notebook, learns that the trees of the Urwald are being cut down, and is unable to convince Revan why saving the trees is important (and the Urwald really is its own country), he knows that he has to do something to fix it. Simon sends him to Samara to study at the Temple. Magic is illegal in Samara, but Jinx hopes that he’ll be able to find the answers he needs to defeat the Bonemaster for good and bring the Urwald together. His discoveries lead to a confrontation with the Bonemaster, but Jinx also learns how to use his magic in a way that could change the Urwald forever.

The second book of the Jinx series, Jinx’s Magic continues a delightful series. The world is unique in fantasy, but not so unique that it feels foreign. The political system and challenges of the Urwald being recognized as a country and left alone by its neighbors is intriguing. Jinx is a strong character. His mistakes are believable, and his determination to succeed at what is important to him is admirable. His interaction with Simon will be familiar to growing teens in their relationships with parents when their opinions are different. The new characters are as fun as the characters introduced in the first book. Fans of the series will enjoy the second book and look forward to reading the third book, Jinx’s Fire.