Girl Meets World: Girl Meets World

TV Show Information
Rating: Dependable
Interest Level: Primary, Intermediate
Season: 1
Episode: 1
Main Performers: Rowan Blanchard, Ben Savage, Sabrina Carpenter
Studio/Network: Disney Channel
Air Date: June 27, 2014
TV Rating: TV-G

Daughter of Cory and Topanga, Riley Matthews is not allowed to ride the New York subway by herself. After her parents catch her and her best friend, Maya Hart, trying to sneak out the window, Cory and Topanga give an impassioned speech that it’s time for Riley to discover who she is and make the world her own. They then give Riley permission to ride the subway. Riley becomes inspired by Maya’s know-how of the subway and its people, including a cute boy they meet named Lucas. She decides she wants to become just like Maya and starts mimicking her opinions and behavior. This ends up getting them both in trouble in history class, taught by Cory, when they are told to write an essay on something they would fight for. Maya decides to fight for no homework, which leads to accidentally setting off the fire alarm. Knowing how angry Cory is with Maya, Riley fights for their friendship and learns that the best thing she can do for her friend is to be herself.

Girl Meets World is a continuation of the much loved 90’s TV show Boy Meets World. Girl Meets world is meant to span generations and allow parents to enjoy watching with their children. Fans of Cory and Topanga will enjoy seeing what happened to them after Boy Meets World ended. Kids will enjoy Riley’s quirky personality and relate to her as she tries to understand who she is and wants to be. However, the show is very unrealistic in its portrayal of school—even more than Boy Meets World was. For example, Cory allows his class to be interrupted by a student named Farkle to discuss his love for both Maya and Riley. While it gives background to Farkle’s character and sets up for later episodes, it would never be allowed to happen in real life. The show’s unrealistic portrayal of certain events will make it harder to relate to and may annoy some viewers. Despite its improbable narrative, many will find this episode entertaining for parents and children alike.