Jake and the Never Land Pirates: Hide the Hideout! / The Old Shell Game

TV Show Information
Rating: Dependable
Interest Level: Toddler, Preschool
Season: 1
Episode: 1
Main Performers: David Arquette, Corey Burton, Jeff Bennett
Studio/Network: Disney Junior
Air Date: February 14, 2011
TV Rating: TV-Y

In the first episode of Jake and the Never Land Pirates, Captain Hook is up to his old devious tricks. In the first half of the episode, Captain Hook is determined to steal the kids’ hideout for himself so he can have his own pirate hideout. Although there are a few close calls, Captain Hook is not able to find it, and his mishaps while trying to locate the hideout causes him to catch a cold. In the second part of the episode, Captain Hook steals a shell from Izzy. The three kids do their best to find it, but the shell seems to be doing a good job of escaping on its own. It turns out that the shell belongs to a hermit crab.

Fans of Peter Pan will enjoy watching this or watching this with their children. Captain Hook is more comical than scary, mostly causing small problems rather than being out for the kids’ destruction like in the original Peter Pan movie. Instead of a terrible villain, he's more of a wimpy bully. Smee however remains true to his character, always cheerfully helping his captain with whatever needs to be done. The voices of Captain Hook and Smee are delightful imitations of the original character voices. This episode of the show involved sorting, counting, and other learning activities, along with waiting for responses and other participation from the viewer. The character mix of both boys and girls will help all children be interested in Jake’s pirate adventures.