50 States to Celebrate: Celebrating Virginia and Washington, D.C.

Book Information
Rating: Dependable
Reading/Interest Level: Primary
Author: Marion Dane Bauer
Illustrator: C.B. Canga
Publisher: Sandpiper
Year: 2013
ISBN: 9780544044173
Pages: 36

The narrator, Mr. Geo, takes readers on a journey to discover interesting facts about Virginia. He discusses Virginia's geographic location and major events and festivals that occur in the state each year. The narrator then talks about the history of the state, including prehistoric dinosaur fossils, descriptions of Native Americans and the European colonization, Presidential homes, and the roll Virginia played in the American Civil War. He then discusses noteworthy landmarks such as Shenandoah National Park and Arlington Nation Cemetery before moving on to facts about Washington, D.C. The narrator concludes by talking about famous landmarks and the U.S. Federal Government's location in the nation's capital.

This text is a great way to introduce readers to the geography, history, and culture of Virginia. However, the portion on Washington, D.C. is squeezed in, being addressed in only five pages of the book. This Green Light Reader is a great tool that incorporates other subjects into a reading lesson and provides questions to test the reader's comprehension. The book includes a glossary of terms, a list of fast facts and historical events, and a group of text-related activities. These extra fun elements make the book perfect for home school families and parents wanting to engage children deeper in the topic of state history. The text is a little dry to hold a young reader's attention, but there are plenty of large and colorful illustrations that make it more interesting.