A Lion Is a Lion

A Lion is a Lion.jpg

Book Information
Rating: Excellent
Reading/Interest Level: Preschool
Author: Polly Dunbar
Publisher: Candlewick Press
Year: 2018
ISBN: 9780763697310
Pages: 40

Is a lion still a lion if he wears a hat? And what about if he carries an umbrella? Readers follow this silly lion, once fierce, through a series of funny what-ifs, making the lion seem positively innocent and friendly. However, once he's come into your house, danced, sang, and sat down for lunch, he might remember he's a lion, and suddenly his smile turns sharp and scary! So if a lion is still a lion, no matter how it's dressed or how it's acting, you do not need to be polite, you do not need to invite him in, and you do not need to feed him lunch.

Sure to be a roaring good time, A Lion Is a Lion packs in a powerful cautionary tale to young readers. Although the lion appears to be dapper and convincingly wins over his hosts, he still tries to turn them into dessert. Polly Dunbar disguises her advice that you do not need to be polite to danger in a whimsical, rhyming tale. Far from being frightening, the bright illustrations keep young readers wholly entertained. While preschoolers will find A Lion Is a Lion purely entertaining and humorous, adults will pick up on the underlying warning and can utilize this engaging drama to teach personal boundaries.