A Storm Too Soon

A Storm too Soon.jpg

Book Information
Rating: Outstanding
Reading/Interest Level: Young Adult
Author: Michael J. Tougias
Publisher: Henry Holt and Company
Year: 2016
ISBN: 9781627792813
Pages: 220

The three man crew of the Sean Seamour II were excited about their voyage across the Atlantic Ocean from Florida to France. The sailors were scheduled to depart on May 1, 2007, but a one day delay and unforeseen events caused significant problems for the crew. Shortly after they set sail, they hit dangerous weather. Being too far from a port, the men were at the mercy of the sea. Luckily, the captain was prepared with two radio beacons that alerted the Coast Guard of their distress. After a difficult rescue, the crew of the Sean Seamour II and Coast Guard arrived safely home.

A Storm Too Soon is a well written survival story that will keep readers on the edge of their seats. Although it’s non-fiction, it reads like a narrative. The author expertly describes the treacherous storm and the bleak condition of the sailors while the Coast Guard puts their own lives at risk trying to save them. The photos of the boat, crew, and rescue help readers visualize the severity of the situation. Those not familiar with sailing, will appreciate the explanation of instruments, weather patterns, and nautical terms. Luckily, this story has a happy ending, and readers will enjoy the ride through this amazing book. It’s a must read.