Animals Illustrated: Arctic Wolf

Animals Illustrated Arctic Wolf.jpg

Book Information
Rating: Dependable
Reading/Interest Level: Primary
Author: William Flaherty
Illustrator: Sean Bigham
Publisher: Inhabit Media
Year: 2018
ISBN: 9781772272130
Pages: 24

Arctic wolves live far north, in places like Greenland, Alaska, and Canada. They usually live in packs. They are carnivores and tend to eat every piece of the animals they eat, including their bones! They have smaller noses and shorter muzzles, which help them conserve body heat in the winter. Arctic wolves can travel far and fast, but they tend to stay in a certain territory with their packs. The inner layer of their fur gets thicker in the winter to keep them warm. Baby arctic wolves are called pups and they live in a den with their mother. Wolves bark and howl to communicate with each other.

The illustrations are beautiful and no page is left un-illustrated—even the end pages and table of contents are filled with detailed illustrations of these fascinating arctic wolves. Although the illustrations are impressive, readers might expect photographs rather than illustrations from a non-fiction book like this (regardless of the series title). Some of the information is repetitive from page to page. The end of the book includes some fun facts, as well as a paragraph about wolves in Inuit mythology that tells about how wolves can supposedly change into human form. This last page may make the rest of the book lose a bit of credibility for some readers. This book is best suited for children in grades two through five, based on the information conveyed and the vocabulary used.