Arkham Woods

Arkham Woods.jpg

Book Information
Rating: Significant Shortcomings
Reading/Interest Level: Young Adult
Author: Christopher Rowley
Illustrator: Jhomar Soriano
Publisher: Seven Seas Entertainment LLC.
Year: 2009
ISBN: 9781934876367
Pages: 200

Kristi and her mother recently moved to Arkham Woods. Things get weird when Kristi, her boyfriend Tommy, Dantwon the star football player, and Lin the class brain find mysterious boxes containing mostly human-like bones. They also open a series of confusingly empty chests. Then Kristi wakes in a trance in the middle of the night and dances to a hidden portrait while slashing her wrists—apparently, the group unlocked the chests that could awaken Cthulhu. Dantwon is lost as a vessel of Cthulhu, having opened the final box, and Tommy dies as a sacrifice to stop the end of the world.

The plot and story are well devised in this graphic novel; however, there are significant holes left in character development and storytelling. In the end, it is unclear what the outcome of the story is. The illustrations are sometimes hard to understand and unclear, and several clarifying details in the text are missing. The story discusses the characters learning about the history and background of Cthulhu, but it is never actually explained. This book contains several shortcomings and loose ends.

*Contains moderate language, moderate violence, and moderate sexual content.