Ask the StoryBots: How Does Night Happen?

TV Show Information
Rating: Excellent
Interest Level: Toddler, Preschool, Primary
Season: 1
Episode: 1
Main Performers: Judy Greer, Erin Fitzgerald, Fred Tatasciore
Studio/Network: Netflix
Air Date: 2016
TV Rating: TV-Y

This episode revolves around Spencer’s question, “How does night happen?” The StoryBots decide to follow the sun to find out. When they are on the beach and the sun looks like it disappears into the ocean, they go underwater to find it…with no luck! Mr. Whale teaches them that the sun is always in outer space, even though it may look like it disappears when it sets. The StoryBots travel 93 million miles to the sun to find out why night happens. The sun teaches them about how earth revolves around him and night happens on the side of the earth that isn’t facing the sun. It’s as simple as that. In the mean time, you also learn about the letter N and the color red. StoryBots is silly and engaging for kids of all ages.

The different animation styles and mix of animation and live action in this TV show will keep children at the edge of their seats. This episode even includes stop-motion animation. Each question is answered in 20 minutes, keeping children engaged for every minute of it. Each question is asked by real kids, and the logic used by the StoryBots to find the answers is very simple and childlike. The animation is colorful and creative. Children will learn hard concepts as the new information is compared to things they are familiar with. The StoryBots help answer hard questions and help children see that learning is fun!