Atlantis #2: Milo's Return

Movie Information
Rating: Dependable
Interest Level: Primary
Main Performers: Victor Cook, Toby Shelton, and Tad Stones
Director: Michael Karafilis and Tad Stones
Studio: Disney
Year: 2003
Run Time: 84 mins
MPAA Rating: G

Milo and Kida return to the surface to investigate supernatural occurrences. They first encounter a Kraken, which they first believed to be an Atlantean war machine. While it is not Atlantean, they do their best to stop the creature from sinking ships and save a local town. They get word from their friend Dr. Sweet that there is trouble in the Southwest. Mysterious coyote spirits are haunting the desert, leading Milo, Kida, and their friends to discover an ancient city that has hints of Atlantean influence. Upon solving the mystery, they investigate a stolen spear, which turns out to be a key artifact from the Ragnarok myth and an Atlantean weapon. After returning to Atlantis, Queen Kida decides to raise the city to the surface in order to help the entire world with their powers.

Like most Disney sequels, this movie is not as well done as the original. The movie struggled to maintain its animation quality due to a smaller budget. Viewers could also be disappointed that Michael J. Fox did not return to the role of Milo in this film. Still, it is an enjoyable return to the Atlantean civilization. Unlike most movies, there is not one overarching story, but rather three stories that are bookended by scenes in Atlantis. The story focuses on showing Kida's growth, rather than Milo's. As queen, she struggles to understand her father's decisions when he was alive and even fears the powers of Atlantis. After seeing the good that Atlantis did in an ancient Native American Civilization, she realizes that the power is nothing to fear, but something to share.

*Contains mild violence.