Bad Unicorn

Bad Unicorn.jpg

Book Information
Rating: Excellent
Reading/Interest Level: Intermediate
Author: Platte F. Clark
Publisher: Aladdin
Year: 2013
ISBN: 9781442450127
Pages: 423

Max has a book that keeps changing subjects. Currently, he is reading about Princess the Destroyer, a bad unicorn who eats humans. In Magnus, the magical world inside the book, Princess the Destroyer is making a deal with a head sorcerer in order to get to the human world. Max and his friends learn that his book magical when it sends them into the future, where machines rule the world and humans are extinct. The Princess and her attending wizard have made it to the human world, but Max and his friends are no longer in the present. She is forced to catch up with Max in the future, and meanwhile takes over the world with machines who make her an immortal robot. Max and his friends manage to beat her in a series of combat trials. While still in the future, Max meets the king of dragons, who offers to take Max back to his time if he will kill the powerful sorcerer who hired Princess in the first place. The story is continued in the next novel, Fluff Dragon.

The narrative of Bad Unicorn follows a serious plot which stresses the importance of personal confidence and growth. Max’s personal journey is to believe in himself, and his friends love him unconditionally and encourage him to be confident. In contrast, the Princess is selfish and has no friends. Her only motivations are to eat humans and eventually rule the world. This turns out to be her downfall, since it is her pride and greed for power that leads her to a showdown with Max. Overall, this book is an enjoyable read for middle grade readers. The secondary characters, Max’s friends Dirk the human and Dwight the dwarf are not very developed and are merely a means to progress the plot. Aside from this, the story is a great addition to middle grade literature.

*Contains mild violence