Bear Wants More

Book Information
Rating: Outstanding
Reading/Interest Level: Toddler, Preschool
Author: Karma Wilson
Illustrator: Jane Chapman
Publisher:  Scholastic
Year: 2003
ISBN:  9780439649674
Pages: 40

Bear Wants More follows the first eventful day after Bear wakes up after hibernating all winter. Because Bear slept for so long he is really hungry and eats all the food he has available. Then Mouse, Hare, and Badger show him where to find strawberries, clover, and fish to eat. Back at his den, his other friends Gopher, Mole, Raven, and Wren have started cooking treats and decorating for the party they are throwing in Bear’s honor. But when Bear shows up at his home he’s eaten so much that he can’t fit through the door! The party is moved outside where he eats and eats. Finally Bear is satisfied and falls fast asleep, but only after he ate all the food, even the food for his friends!

Karma Wilson tells the story of Bear in a fun, rhythmical way that allows the reader to move fairly quickly through the story, as if reading a poem. The short stanzas on each page help the story’s pacing across the numerous pages, each with a beautiful illustrations for young children to admire. The realistic illustrations combined with the animals just being called by their generic titles make it easy for children to recognize which animal is talking and to follow the characters through the story. The context also offers the chance for small lessons about animal characteristics and behaviors, such as bear hibernation and different foods that the animals eat.