Beatrice Spells Some Lulus and Learns to Write a Letter

Book Information
Rating: Dependable
Reading/Interest Level: Primary, Intermediate
Author: Cari Best
Illustrator: Giselle Potter
Publisher: Farrar Straus Giroux Books for Young Readers
Year: 2013
ISBN: 9780374399047
Pages: 30

Spelling doesn’t come easy to young Beatrice. But when Nana Hannah comes to visit, Beatrice discovers that she can be a great speller—it just comes with a lot of practice. Spelling everything around her from C-E-R-E-A-L to T-O-O-T-H-P-A-S-T-E, Beatrice becomes a lulu of a speller. She starts to notice that not everyone around town is that great a spelling. Trying to correct their mistakes, the spelling bug gets passed from Beatrice to her classmates and they join in on the fun.

Beatrice is a relatable character to any young child learning to spell. Her positive attitude toward the challenge of learning to spell helps the reader see spelling as something fun. The title of the book, referring to Beatrice learning how to write a letter, seems inappropriate as that part of the book is miniscule and incohesive with the rest of the story. The beautiful illustrations are full of detail, color, and shadows, capturing the reader’s attention. A follow-up activity after reading this book would be to have a child look for words all around them, trying to memorize the spelling just as Beatrice did.