Beware the Night

Beware the Night.jpg

Book Information
Rating: Dependable
Reading/Interest Level: Young Adult
Author: Jessika Fleck
Publisher: Swoon Reads
Year: 2019
ISBN: 9781250154743
Pages: 309

Veda is told all her life to “beware the Night.” As a citizen of Bellona and as a Basso, her life is filled with the struggle to find food, survive with her grandfather, and to not be captured from the notorious Night. With her best friend Nico, Veda has to figure out what her boundaries are, as relationships between the Imperi and Basso are forbidden. After a run-in with the Imperi, Veda finds herself in the caverns of the Night with the handsome Dorian. Everything she believed is thrown on its head as she discovers that all the horrific things the Night did were actually led by the government she used to trust. With her discovery of the truth and her role as lunalette, she must become the symbol for the rebellion, even if it means going against everything she used to know.

Beware the Night could best be described as a Hunger Games adaptation with much more romance and much less action. It has all the tropes: a small town that is oppressed by those who are rich, a day of Offering where someone is chosen to be sacrificed, and a love triangle with the boy she’s known forever and the boy she has a childhood memory with. Our heroine is even a poacher who eventually becomes the symbol for a rebellion! Although there is the secret rebellion, the main focus of this story is the romance aspect. Jessika Fleck’s writing style is very descriptive, which can make the story feel slow but paints the backdrop in more detail. If you love reading visceral descriptions such as an exhale that “leaves gray clouds hovering on the other side of my lips,” this may be the book for you.

*Contains mild language and moderate violence.