Beyonders #2: Seeds of Rebellion

Beyonders Seeds of Rebellion.jpg

Book Information
Rating: Excellent
Reading/Interest Level: Intermediate, Young Adult
Author: Brandon Mull
Publisher: Aladdin
Year: 2012
ISBN: 9781416997948
Pages: 512

In this second installment of the Beyonders trilogy, Jason is trying to find a way back to Lyrian in order to relay key information that the Word to defeat Maldor is a hoax. When Jason finally finds a way to return, he finds himself to be the most wanted fugitive on the continent. Meanwhile, during her time stranded in Lyrian, Rachel has discovered that she possesses a natural talent for Edomic magic—an ability that may prove vital in the struggle against the evil wizard Maldor. When the pair finally reunites, they and several other friends reassemble for a new mission to form a final rebellion. As this rag-tag team strives to convince their most-needed allies to wage a war strong enough to overthrow Maldor, they are threatened by endless creatures, kingdoms, and dangerous elements. At the center of this effort to launch a rebellion, the heroes consult with an oracle that prophesies about their odds of success. With this cliff hanger, readers are once again left in suspense as to how the quest will continue.

This read is even more gripping than the previous novel. However, although this book contains an interesting world and plot, there is subpar character development. The main characters are forgettable because they are unrelatable and too perfect. Whenever the main heroes are faced with a difficult decision, readers can rely on them to make the selfless decision, regardless of how the consequences may negatively impact them. In all actuality, the minor characters have more emotional development than the Blind King, Rachel, or Jason. For example, Ferrin has proved loyal to the cause throughout the entirety of the story, and yet everyone still awaits his betrayal. Even Ferrin himself provides evidence that he is unsure how far his loyalty will continue. In contrast to the major characters, the background individuals have real flaws and believable histories. Regardless of this story’s shortcomings, one thing is for certain—Brandon Mull knows how to end a novel leaving readers wanting more!

*Contains moderate violence.