Bicycling to the Moon

Book Information
Rating: Outstanding
Reading/Interest Level: Primary
Author: Timo Parvela
Illustrator: Virpi Talvitie
Publisher: Gecko Press
Year: 2016
ISBN: 9781776570317
Pages: 128

Purdy and Barker are the best of friends. Barker is a hard worker who makes sure they have enough food to last until the next harvest. Purdy, on the other hand, gets crazy ideas of fun things they can do. Although Purdy doesn't always help with the work, Barker still likes him. Purdy sometimes wants to ride his bike to the moon or go south for the winter like the geese, but he never makes it far because he knows he'll miss Barker too much. After a year of many adventures and birthdays, Purdy and Barker take a rest under the trees, thankful they still have each other.

Parvela tells a charming story of two friends that stick together even through the roughest of times. Although this is just a children's book, it has a theme of showing the balance between hard work and having fun. Barker does all the work while Purdy has all the fun, but when they work together to get a project done or throw a party, it shows the importance and having both characteristics. Even though the the title is Bicycling to the Moon, it's really only mentioned at the very beginning to show the crazy schemes Purdy gets into. The pictures are very fun to look at; each chapter starts with a picture of an animal. This is a great book to read and one that could be told as several bedtime stories for younger readers.