Bug Girl #1: Bug Girl

Bug Girl 1 Bug Girl.jpg

Book Information
Rating: Dependable
Reading/Interest Level: Intermediate
Author: Benjamin Harper and Sarah Hines Stephens
Illustrator: Anoosha Syed
Publisher: Imprint
Year: 2017
ISBN: 9781250106612
Pages: 297

Amanda and Emily used to be best friends. Now, they are middle school rivals—Amanda, a nerd obsessed with bugs, and Emily, a popular girl who's too concerned about what other people think. But when their town of Oyster Cove becomes overrun with giant green bugs, their moms get captured by an evil mastermind: a super-villain named the Exterminator. Amanda and Emily discover that their moms are Dragonfly and Megawoman, two famous superheroes, and the two teens find out that they have super powers as well. The former friends decide to team up, despite their differences. They have ups and downs along the way, and they don't always work together as a team the way they should. However, in the end, and with the help of some of their friends, they learn how to use their powers, fight the Exterminator, and save their moms, as well as the entire city!

Bug Girl has interesting characters and great description. Amanda is a happy, naive girl, and when her mom disappears she has to grow up quickly. She rises to all of the challenges that meet her. She chooses to be herself in a middle school environment that isn't kind to outsiders, and she optimistically tries to figure out her new superpowers. Emily starts the book as a bratty teenager who is rude and mean to everyone around her. Most of these problems stem from her own lack of confidence, but by the end of the book, she becomes more confident in herself. As a boy who loves fashion and isn't afraid to show his emotions, Vincent is a positive role model for boys who feel like they don't fit their gender stereotype. His intelligence and resourcefulness help Amanda and Emily to save the day, despite the fact that he doesn't have superpowers. This book also has excellent language and diction. The beautiful adjectives and intense adverbs draw the reader in to the story. Overall, Bug Girl is a fun read for kids and adults alike.

*Contains mild language and mild violence.