Carlos & Carmen: El Tiempo de Uncle

Carlos & Carmen El Tiempo de Uncle.jpg

Book Information
Rating: Outstanding
Reading/Interest Level: Primary
Author: Kirsten McDonald
Illustrator: Erika Meza
Publisher: Magic Wagon
Year: 2018
ISBN: 9781532133220
Pages: 32

Waking up one winter morning to find that the entire world is covered in snow, the twins Carlos and Carmen run outside as quickly as possible to begin building a snow cat. Uncle Alex pulls up in his car and a snowball fight ensues. Mom makes them all hot chocolate, just the way they like it, to warm up before going back out to play in the snow. Although playing in the snow is fun, the real reason Uncle Alex comes over is to share his secret recipe with the twins. The clues they have about the secret recipe, that it has cheese and sausage, keeps the twins full of guesses until dinner is served and the surprise is revealed.

This book is similar to the other Carlos & Carmen books, but instead is written in Spanish with English words and phrases found throughout the book. This is a great way to introduce English words and phrases to Spanish-speaking children. This title, however, is different from other books in the series in that it explicitly celebrates Mexican culture and family traditions. The illustration on page twenty-two of the twins standing under a tree while their uncle shakes the snow from its branches is much more realistic looking and captivating that the other illustrations. The detailed illustrations throughout cause the reader to revisit pages in the book, making it one to be enjoyed time and time again.