CatStronauts: Mission Moon


Book Information
Rating: Cannot Recommend
Reading/Interest Level: Primary
Author: Drew Brockington
Publisher: Little, Brown and Company
Year: 2017
ISBN: 9780316307475
Pages: 160

The world is running out of energy and our only hope is to build a solar power plant on the moon! The President calls in the Catstraunauts. Major Meowser, Blanket, Pom Pom and Waffles train hard for their mission as the world approaches a permanent blackout. While building the rocket the cats break one of the pieces but have to try and fix it. After a successful launch the navigation display fails so the cats go on a spacewalk to find the problem, the faulty sensor they thought they'd fixed was broken again and they couldn't fix it. Luckily, Blanket's robot is there to help the team land. They build the power station just in time!

Castronauts is incredibly dull and uninspiring. The dialogue is incredibly simplistic and although humor is attempted it falls flat every time. While the 'plot' does attempt to develop every small problem that occurs is immediately remedied, resulting in a quite boring, straightforward line of narration. The problems and solutions that they do encounter are superficial. The illustrations are also not that great. The only appeal this book could have is for the sheer novelty of having cat astronauts and cat fanatics. In addition to the issues with plot and illustration for this graphic novel, they also repeatedly mention that a solar plant on the moon will have continuous sunlight. Which is completely false. The moon rotates on its axis in relation to the sun and, therefore, the area of the moon that has sunlight changes just like the Earth only slower.