Cinderella's Stepsister and the Big Bad Wolf

Book Information
Rating: Excellent
Reading/Interest Level: Toddler, Preschool, Primary
Author: Lorraine Carey
Illustrator: Migy Blanco
Publisher: Nosy Crow
Year: 2015
ISBN: 9780763680053
Pages: 15

Gertie is the third daughter of Mrs. Ugly, Cinderella’s evil stepmother. Gertie is a good girl that does everything asked of her, however when the invitation to the ball at the palace arrives, Mrs. Ugly will only let her mean daughters go. In order to gain entry to the ball, Gertie has to prove that she can be mean. She's sent to three different famous fairy-tale villains who try to make her mean, but she fails. Just before the Big Bad Wolf is about to eat Gertie for foiling her plans, Gertie cries and says all she wants is to go to the ball. Naturally, this has been a dream of the Big Bad Wolf for a lifetime, so the two are visited by the Fairy God Mother who gets them suited and booted for a grand time at the ball. No fairytale would be complete without a Prince Charming, and this one sweeps Gertie off of her feet and the two are married. Justice is served as the ending implies that the Big Bad Wolf devours Mrs. Ugly and her mean daughters.

Cute and entertaining, Cinderella’s Stepsister and the Big Bad Wolf offers an alternative view on what could’ve taken place in the classic original Cinderella. Perfect for younger children, this book offers something that will interest most minds. With slight wit and sarcasm, a lesson on how being nice gets you farther than being mean is dished out with creative pictures and a comical storyline. Little girls will want to identify with Gertie as this moral lesson is being taught. The Big Bad Wolf is portrayed as a girl who has probably spent a lot of her life misunderstood; only being mean because no one is nice to her. Parents and children alike will appreciate the storyline as it ties together various famous fairytales, showing how Gertie was involved but behind the scenes.