Cassidy Blake #1: City of Ghosts

City of Ghosts, Cassidy Blake #1.jpg

Book Information
Rating: Excellent
Reading/Interest Level: Primary, Intermediate
Author: Victoria Schwab
Publisher: Scholastic Press
Year: 2018
ISBN: 9781338111002
Pages: 304

Cassidy, or Cass, is able to pass through the veil that separates the living from the dead. In fact, her best friend is a dead boy named Jacob who saved her when she drowned. Since that day, their connection has allowed him to cross over into the land of the living as a ghost, and she has been able to cross into the in-between existence of ghosts. Cass knows very little about the realm of spirits or about Jacob, but when her parents take a new job for a TV series on ghost hunting in Edinburgh, Scotland, Cass is increasingly drawn into the netherworld. She must learn quickly about the rules of the spirit world, about her abilities within it, and about how to control them before the Raven in Red steals the life of another child—maybe even Cass herself!

Full of intrigue and mystery, this is a well-written book of the paranormal dimension. Cass is a likable character with good parental relationships. She is a good example as a daughter, as a friend, and as a general personality. This makes the book enjoyable to read because she is a good companion to adventure with, and the reader can agree with her decisions. The plot itself moves at a great pace, which engages the reader and keeps them involved and wanting to move forward without losing momentum or interest. The premise of helping trapped spirits move on is done in a unique and intriguing way that will be interesting to see develop through the series. This is a great story for readers who enjoy a story with a lot of spirit.