Code Name Verity

Book Information
Rating: Outstanding
Reading/Interest Level: Young Adult
Author: Elizabeth Wein
Publisher: Disney-Hyperion
Year: 2012
ISBN: 9781423152194
Pages: 343

As a British Special Operative caught in French-occupied enemy territory, Agent Verity is left with few options. She strikes a deal with the Gestapo interrogators and tells them that she will write down everything she can remember about the British war effort to avoid being executed or sent off to a concentration camp. Writing on scraps of paper, old recipe cards, and anything she can find, Verity begins her war story with how she met her best friend—Maddie. A spy and a pilot, Verity and Maddie share their stories of how they came to be friends, part of the war effort, and in enemy territory.

Code Name Verity is a historical, WWII fiction gem. The unique format of this novel follows Verity’s story the first half and then gives Maddie’s voice a turn to share her perspective of the duo’s eight weeks apart. Verity is sharp, talented, witty, courageous, and stunning. Maddie is warm, a mechanical genius, modest, loving, and faithful. Both characters could be considered the crown jewel of Wein’s novel as they bring this tragic story to life. A recommended read for any reader over fifteen, but with the caution of moderate language, violence, and inhumane treatment. Heartwrenching, real, devastating, and beautiful—Elizabeth Wein has created an engaging insight to both a gruesome WWII and an enduring friendship.

*Contains mostly mild language with moments of severe language, mild violence, and mild descriptions of torture.