Crown of Three #3: A Kingdom Rises

Crown of Three, A Kingdom Rises.jpg

Book Information
Rating: Excellent
Reading/Interest Level: Young Adult
Author: J.D. Rinehart
Publisher: Aladdin
Year: 2017
ISBN: 9781481424493
Pages: 432

While Elodie is imprisoned by Lord Vicerin, she uses her powers to summon the dead warriors Vicerin had killed. With the dead’s help, Elodie and her friends escape and fight their way to Melchior and the troops loyal to the triplets. Meanwhile, Gulph wakes up from his fatal jump into the chasm fully healed by Celestis’s waters. Returning to Celestis, Gulph overthrows Lady Redina and leads Celestis’s inhabitants up to Idilliam. Tarlan soon arrives to fly Gulph and their mother to Elodie. Together the siblings lead an army of local men, the dead warriors, and animals to contend with Vicerin's new invading force. During a showdown in Celestis’s throne room, the siblings combine their powers to destroy Vicerin and fulfill the ancient prophecy.

The final book in the Crown of Three series resolves all the countless calamities the siblings have endured. But a new, internal problem arises with Tarlan. At the beginning of this novel, both Elodie and Gulph have accepted their royal roles. Tarlan, however, can’t quite accept his part in the prophecy. The constant fighting, the loss of his animal friends, and his uncomfortable human interactions cause Tarlan to fly away from his life. When Tarlan finally lands, he runs into Captain Leom: one of the men who smuggled Tarlan and his siblings away so they could have a chance to fulfill the prophecy. Realizing the realm needs his help and that Tarlan can’t run away from his destiny, Tarlan accepts his royal life and reunites with Elodie and Gulph. At times the plot gets muddled with three perspectives of the same event and drawn out wars, but the story gets back on track to create a clean, satisfactory finish. A complex, captivating trilogy any fantasy fan would enjoy.