Curious George 3: Back to the Jungle

Movie Information
Rating: Excellent
Interest Level: Toddler, Preschool
Main Performers: Frank Welker, Angela Bassett, John Goodman
Director: Phil Weinstein
Studio: Universal Animation Studios
Year: 2015
Run Time: 81 minutes
MPAA Rating: G

The RDS on a space satellite that controls the flow of dams in Africa is broken, but there are no space ships that can hold a human available to go to space to fix it. Mr. Houston asks Ted (The Man in the Yellow Hat) if George can complete the mission to save all the animals from the severe flooding in Africa. Ted is reluctant as first, as he fears for George's safety, but agrees to let George complete the training. George passes all the space training and goes off to retrieve the RDS from the satellite to bring back to Earth, but not without a hitch. He almost lets the RDS float away, then spills water on the control panel which sends the rocket into free fall. George ejects from the rocket, but is now lost in the jungle. Search teams go looking for George, but it is Ted who finds him on an animal preserve. Their troubles are not over yet, as a huge storm is coming and threatening to flood the animal preserve. George and Ted devise a risky plan to retrieve the RDS and are able to save the animals from disaster.

This movie stays true to the original book series with colorful action animation and depiction of George and the Man in the Yellow Hat, while introducing us to some new well developed characters. Similar to the previous two Curious George movies, the soundtrack is really well written and children will love the catchy tunes. Just as we have come to expect, the curious little monkey teaches us a lesson to overcome our fears and be brave, as well as smaller story lines of protecting the planet and all things that live on it. George is as cheeky as ever, but Ted is there to help guide and love him along the way in this cute movie that always seem to make kids sit at the edge of their seat and laugh out loud.