Daughter of Deep Silence

Daughter of Deep Silence.jpg

Book Information
Rating: Dependable
Reading/Interest Level: Young Adult
Author: Carrie Ryan
Publisher: Dutton Books
Year: 2015
ISBN: 9780525426509
Pages: 375

When Frances Mace was fourteen, she survived the mass slaughter on and subsequent sinking of the luxury yacht Persephone. Her parents were killed, and her best friend Libby died minutes before she and Frances were rescued at sea by Libby's father. Frances wants to find to find out why the murders and carnage aboard the ship were covered up by the only two other survivors: Senator Wells and his son, Grayson. Now, four years later, Frances has re-entered society as Libby, and she has dark plans of revenge. The first thing she has to do is get close to Grayson Wells, her first love, in order to rip away from the Senator everything that was ripped away from her. As Frances continues her deceptions, she starts to question bringing pain upon Grayson as his family. She also finds herself at the heart of more danger than she originally thought. In the end, Frances is able to escape the corrupt dangers of the Senator's world, but is forced to sacrifice some relationships that in alternate circumstances would have brought her happiness.

This book has really cool moments of deception, intrigue, and excitement, but these moments are unfortunately overshadowed by cheap and inconsistent characterization. Frances is understandably traumatized by the events of the yacht and the aftermath, but she spends the entire book dreaming about revenge or being sad about how she can't have the life she thought she deserved. It is sad what happened to her, but she seems to be dealing with every emotion and event in the entirely wrong way. The side characters only act as agents to advance the plot, with vacillating moralities and motivations dependent on what the author wishes them to do. The plot promises some big secret, but the reveal does not match the hype that was building up to it. Overall, this book has some promising and exciting moments, but most of the book is hindered by its weak characters and plot.

*Contains moderate language, moderate sexual content, and severe violence.