Disney Magical Dice

App Information
Rating: Excellent
Interest Level: Preschool, Primary, Intermediate, Young Adult
Devices Used: Moto G 2014
Platforms Available: Apple, Android
Developer: Netmarble Games
Version/Update: 1.0.5
Category: Board Games

In Disney’s first mobile board game, players can go on their own adventures with their favorite characters. In a game somewhat like Monopoly, players roll dice, buy properties, can be put in jail (or the Haunted Mansion), and draw fortune cards to change up game play. Players can connect with friends and family over Facebook, internet, or Bluetooth to play together. To enhance their gameplay, players can buy special dice, magical items, and collect character cards. With character cards, players can choose who they want to play as and level up the characters to make them more powerful.

This game will quickly becoming addicting for people who like variations of Monopoly and enjoy Disney. There are in-app purchases, but there are also plenty of ways to earn character cards, coins, and gems by playing daily, completing daily and weekly quest, and winning games. The different ways to win the games adds a fun twist to classic Monopoly. Games are done in real time, and some games can be much longer than others, but if a player is disconnected the game continues on auto play so that progress and investments for that game are not lost. The variety of goals you can accomplish, from leveling up to getting a certain character’s card leveled up all the way, make it feel like you are always working towards something. These additions make it much more than classic Monopoly. There are several glitches that will likely be resolved in coming updates, but currently people have problems with collecting hearts, progress saving, and predictability of dice rolls. With a few updates to fix the beginning problems of the app, this game can be enjoyed by any Disney fan.

*In-App purchases are available.