Donald Trump

Book Information
Rating: Significant Shortcomings
Reading/Interest Level: Intermediate
Author: Jill Sherman
Publisher: Lerner Publishing Group, Inc.
Year: 2017
ISBN: 9781512425963
Pages: 48

On November 8, 2016, the American people voiced their opinions at the polls and made Donald Trump President of the United States of America. This book informs readers of Trump’s life before this important event occurred. His grandfather immigrated to the United States in 1885. Donald grew up in a family of five children and learned the value of hard work as a young child. He was an apprentice to his father, who was a successful businessman. Donald Trump also became a successful businessman and entertainer. Unlike other presidential candidates over the years, he funded his own campaign. He wasn’t afraid to speak his mind or criticize his opponents. America is in for many changes with Donald Trump as President.

The simple layout of this nonfiction book helps young readers navigate many aspects of Donald Trump’s life and success. Although young readers will learn many new and interesting things about the life of Donald Trump in this book, they will also learn things that parents might not approve of. All US presidents have done things that they might not be proud of, but this book is open about his history of getting into fights in school, his unnecessarily lavish lifestyle, lawsuits he was involved in, his filing bankruptcy, and his unfaithfulness to his wife. Although it’s important to know the truth, the facts in this book are more discouraging than uplifting, no matter the political view of readers young and old.