Drop Dead Diva: Pilot

TV Show Information
Rating: Excellent
Interest Level: Young Adult
Season: 1
Episode: 1
Main Performers: Brooke Elliott, Margaret Cho, Kate Levering
Studio/Network: Lifetime
Air Date: July 12, 2009
TV Rating: TV-PG

Most of us probably wonder what happens after death. Well, in the show Drop Dead Diva, Deb gets the opportunity to find out. Sort of. Deb is a model: beautiful body, great clothes, adoring boyfriend. However, on her way to an audition she gets in a car accident and next thing she knows, she’s getting checked in by a gatekeeper to the afterlife. The gatekeeper finds that her “goodness” score is zero, because she hasn’t done anything bad in her life, but also hasn’t done anything good either. Deb, afraid of where she’ll go, sees a “return” button on the gatekeeper’s computer and presses it, immediately sending her back to Earth. Much to her surprise, she wakes up in the body of an overweight attorney who does not have a beautiful body, great clothes, or adoring boyfriend. As Deb gets used to her new life as “Jane”, she begins to realize that looks aren’t everything and it does feel good to do kind deeds for others.

This show is both comedy and drama, and the premise is creative and entertaining. The fact that Deb’s gatekeeper follows her to earth as her guardian angel/babysitter allows for comical situations, and the cases that are handled by Jane’s law firm keep the story moving along. The episode did play into some stereotypes, such as the airhead beautiful blonde and insecure, doughnut-loving overweight person, which can get tiring because these ideas are over-used in so many movies and TV shows, but the episode ended on a promising note of Deb/Jane beginning to accept her new body and becoming more confident, not because of looks, but because of her abilities and desire to help others.

*Contains mild language and mild violence.