Duck Gets a Job

Duck Gets a Job.jpg

Book Information
Rating: Excellent
Reading/Interest Level: Primary
Author: Sonny Ross
Illustrator: Sonny Ross
Publisher: Templar Books
Year: 2016
ISBN: 9770763698966
Pages: 24

Duck wants a job. All his friends have a job in the city and are always talking about it. Their work seems kind of boring to him, but he decides to try it out anyways. After just one day of boring work, he quits. He decides to find a job doing something he loves instead and finds work as an artist. While the interview for his first job was stressful, this interview is much more enjoyable as Duck is confident and able to be himself. Duck is happy doing work that he loves.

A fun story about following your dreams and being yourself! Too often people get stuck in a rut and forget that you don’t always have to stay in the first job you get. If work isn’t satisfying or enjoyable, find something you love and do it. While not always possible, this book teaches children the importance of finding work that is fulfilling and brings you joy, not just money. The illustrations are soft and reflective of the mood of the story. When duck is working at his boring job in the city, the drawings are much darker and gloomy. But when he is working at his new job, they become bright and more colorful. The last drawing especially makes the point of leaving the crowd to follow your dreams. A sweet and simple book with a great message.