Earth Aliens #5: World at War

Book Information
Rating: Outstanding
Reading/Interest Level: Intermediate, Young Adult
Author: S.E. Wendel
Publisher: Epic Press
Year: 2016
ISBN: 9781680760262
Pages: 206

Now that more humans have arrived on Terra Nova, Zeneba realizes she must take action to stop her people from being killed. Rhys creates new technology for the Charneki to use, and hopefully give them some advantage if they do have to fight. Rhys and Zeneba come up with a plan to talk with the new arrivals and recruit them to the peaceful side before the arrivals become poisoned by the war-hungry humans. Hugh and his team of engineers travel to the new colony of humans to help them get settled when the Charneki army shows up with Rhys in tow to translate. As they talk and come to an understanding, the war-hungry humans show up to kill them all, causing the Charneki to fight back. Rhys and Hugh are reunited, not knowing what has happened to Zeneba and what will happen now to all the people on Terra Nova. 

World at War shows the difference between a government with a caring leader and one with an intimidating leader. Zeneba cares very much for her people and the survival of it. She listens to everyone's opinions and fears, and to their suggestions and solutions. In contrast, the human leader shows very little care and connection with anyone else, thinking only of her personal gain. The human leader doesn't listen to her council's suggestions, or what might be a better plan, causing a lot of discord and rebellion. This book is a great example of leadership roles, and can easily be applied to modern situations. Wendel brings Hugh and Rhys together again and brings to light that they are still brothers who love each other despite their differences. Another outstanding installment of the series. 

*Contains moderate violence and mild language.