Endangered and Extinct Fish

Endangered and Extinct Fish.jpg

Book Information
Rating: Excellent
Reading/Interest Level: Primary
Author: Jennifer Boothroyd
Publisher: Lightning Bolt Books
Year: 2014
ISBN: 9781467713313
Pages: 32

Winter skates and Boccacio rockfish are two examples of endangered fish. There are not many of them left in the world. Besides these, there are many other endangered fish. Endangered fish range from a type of seahorse to a type of shark. Habitat loss, loss of prey, overfishing, and pollution kill many fish, and consequently, they become endangered. Some fish reached the point of extinction. The megalodon fish was as long a school bus, but it no longer is alive on earth today. There are many things humans can do to make sure that more amazing fish (like the megalodon) are treated with care and do not become extinct.

Endangered and Extinct Fish informs readers of many fishes that have reached the extinction pont, those that are endangered, and what they can do to stop them from reaching instinction. Each of the fishes (both extinct and endangered) is listed with a description and a diagram, illustration, or photograph. Although the descriptions are greatly lacking detail about each fish, the pictures help readers understand each of the fish. This book would be helpful for elementary age children that are interested in learning more about endangered species and species that have become extinct. Although the book does not contain enough detail to be a sole authority on the subject, it would compliment nicely with another book related to this topic. Readers will walk away knowing more about endangered fish, but also motivated to do something to help them.