Endangered and Extinct Mammals

Book Information
Rating: Dependable
Reading/Interest Level: Primary
Author: Jennifer Boothroyd
Publisher: Lerner Publishing Group
Year: 2014
ISBN: 9781467713290
Pages: 32

What do Asian elephants and dinosaurs have in common? They are both either in danger of becoming extinct or are extinct. This nonfiction book has photographs of mammals that are endangered and tells a little about them and the reasons for why they are in danger. There is also a success story about how grizzly bears are being protected and went from a population of 136 bears to more than 600 bears. The back of the book has resources such as tips on what you can do to help save these beautiful creatures, a glossary, and resources for further reading.

Endangered and Extinct Mammals is written and organized very well for children. There is not too much information or too many words, so children can easily focus and enjoy learning about endangered animals. It is also written with consideration for early readers as it has bigger text, defines larger words, and has a glossary. There are a few pages that were misleading. For example, there is a page that states that the Indricotherium was the largest land mammal ever found, but shows an illustration with the Indricotherium standing in comparison to an Apatosaurus, Tyrannosaurus, and an elephant, but does not state that the dinosaurs are not mammals. Another page states that sea cows are extinct. This can be misunderstood because not all types of sea cows are extinct. These flaws are minor but important to correct for future editions.