Everything, Everything

Movie Information
Rating: Outstanding
Interest Level: Intermediate
Main Performers: Amandla Stenberg, Nick Robinson, Anika Noni Rose
Director: Stella Meghie
Studio: Alloy Entertainment
Year: 2017
Run Time: 96 min
MPAA Rating: PG-13

Maddy has a very rare autoimmune disease: if she steps outside her home, she'll die. One day, a boy named Olly moves next door. Communicating only through text and email, Maddy and Olly get to know each other and slowly start to fall in love. Maddy's nurse sneaks Olly into the house on one condition: he cannot touch her. After having a stolen kiss, and Olly telling her she's only living a half life, Maddy runs away from home. She and Olly travel to Hawaii, having the time of her life until she becomes very sick. The doctors tell her that she doesn't have the rare disease she's been told she has. Feeling betrayed and heartbroken by her mother who lied to her for eighteen years, Maddy runs away to New York to be with Olly and live the life she's always wanted.

Not only is Everything, Everything a love story, but it is a journey of self-discovery and triumph. The film is well-directed and reminiscent of the movie The Space Between Us, albeit with a happier and more satisfying ending. The theme closely resembles that of man vs. self as Maddy, rather than her mother, often holds herself back from fully enjoying life. When she meets Olly, Maddy wants to be a normal teenage girl: fall in love, attend school, have friends, and go on adventures. She finally finds the courage to take a leap of faith and be happy. Amandla Stenberg and Nick Robinson have great chemistry together and portray their characters well. The film showcases the bridge all teens must make as they mature and discover who they truly are or want to become.Everything, Everything will leave viewers happy and eager to watch it again and again.

*Contains mild language and moderate sexual content.