Flower Talk

Book Information
Rating: Outstanding
Reading/Interest Level: Preschool, Primary, Intermediate
Author: Sara Levine
Illustrator: Masha D'yans
Publisher: Dreamscape Media
Year: 2019
ISBN: 9781541519282
Pages: 32

Since everybody loves bright and beautiful flowers, a sassy cactus gives readers a secret look into how plants use colors to communicate with bees, birds and other animals. Plants can do a lot on their own, like take water from the ground and energy from the sun, but they need a little help when it comes to spreading their pollen and seeds. Each plant's color serves to attract a certain creature. For example, red flowers communicate only to birds since insects can’t see that color. Added information about how pollination works and what we can do to protect pollinators helps spread the message of conservation.

This book is educational and lots of fun. The prickly narrator presents the information in a humorous way with silly lines. This tone brilliantly communicates scientific material in a way that will make sense to kids and adults alike. The pictures are painted using color and texture to appropriately deliver the facts in a palatable way. This informative book would be perfect for reading in science class, as the information segues wonderfully into a myriad of projects or further discussion. However, it is also approachable enough to make for a great bedtime story, since it is very amusing and visually pleasing.