Flying Colors A Guide to Flags from Around the World!

Flying Colors A Guide to Flags from Around the World.jpg

Book Information
Rating: Outstanding
Reading/Interest Level: Intermediate
Author: Robert G. Fresson
Publisher: Cicada Books Limited
Year: 2017
ISBN: 9781908714466
Pages: 111

Each country’s flag has a history. The style and color of the flag has symbolism that defines its country. Switzerland’s flag and other square flags are militaristic. Tribands, flags divided into three parallel strips of color, are symbolic of a republican country. Thirty-two countries that were once colonies of the British Empire still have the Union Jack in the upper hoist, the top corner by the flag pole. The Union Jack itself is a merging of the original English, Scottish, and Irish Flags. The history behind the development of our world flags and the individual flags themselves is rich and colorful.

This book is amazing. Every page has top-to-bottom illustrations with text boxes. However, where many books with this style seems to lack a natural narrative, the text flows smoothly and ties together. The book is surprisingly engaging for a book about flags. The illustrations, also done by the author, are vintage, but the information is not. There are multiple cases where the information in the book is only a year or two old. The book is full color and the illustrations really help to convey the author's point. Greece's flag, for instance, changed in small steps to become what it is today, and the illustrated history of the flag makes the story so much more. Cicada Books Limited is a highly selective and small publishing group, so if you like this book you'll most likely enjoy their others as well.