Frozen Charlotte

Frozen Charlotte.jpg

Book Information
Rating: Excellent
Reading/Interest Level: Young Adult
Author: Alex Bell
Publisher: Scholastic Press
Year: 2016
ISBN: 9780545941082
Pages: 304

Sophie knew that Jay shouldn’t have messed with an ouija board, and now Jay is dead. Still reeling from grief, Sophie visits her cousins on a remote island in Scotland. However, grief lives there as well, centered around the horrible death that Sophie’s cousin Rebecca suffered years ago, a death that the family refuses to face. Now, Sophie seems to have brought Rebecca’s ghost back to the house on the island, and the Frozen Charlotte dolls know she has returned. Accidents follow the family, and Sophie investigates Rebecca’s death, since she is sure that it is connected to Jay’s. And every night, the Frozen Charlotte dolls in Rebecca’s room scratch at the glass of their cabinet and whisper to be let out, to play murderous games with Sophie. In the end, Sophie avenges Rebecca’s death and rescues her own family from the Frozen Charlotte dolls.

Chilling and haunting, this book holds on to the suspense of Rebecca’s death and the mystery of the dolls throughout the whole story for a dramatic reveal. Each chapter is titled with a few lines from a song that details the death of the original Frozen Charlotte, further creating consistency and adding backstory to the plot. Though this book is definitely scary and mildly gruesome, it is an excellent read for a reader seeking shock and thrill. This is not recommended for sensitive readers, but highly recommended for readers looking to be scared. It’s set up as a mystery as well, and the details and clues are excellently hidden in the course of Sophie’s investigation. It taps perfectly into a genre of ghost stories to be told around a fire, just frightening and scary enough to be fun for a reader who enjoys that thrill.

*Contains moderate violence.