Goosebumps Graphix #4: Slappy's Tales of Horror

Book Information
Rating: Dependable
Reading/Interest Level: Primary, Intermediate
Author: R.L. Stine
Illustrator: Dave Roman, Gabriel Hernandez, Ted Naifeh, Jamie Tolagson
Publisher: Graphix
Year: 2015
ISBN: 9780545835954
Pages: 172

Slappy would like to present to you four absolutely horrifying stories. Erin and Josh test a roller-coaster based off of a horror movie. When the ride comes to an unexpected stop, the two learn there's more to the monsters than just special effects. In the next story, tall-tales of a werewolf circulate Grady's new neighborhood. He ends up fighting for his life in this story's twist ending. In the third story, Terri and Jerry planned on a normal vacation. However, following rumors of a ghost, the siblings end up risking their lives to learn the truth. In the final story, Lindy becomes so good at ventriloquism, her dummy appears alive. Jealous, her sister Kris also gets a dummy. With two dummy’s in the mix, the sisters end up fighting for something much more important than performing gigs.

This book is made up of stories adapted from R.L. Stine’s original works into graphic novel form. They follow true R.L. Stine fashion in having you hooked from the first page and ending in a way you would hardly expect. There is a different illustrator for every story. The amount of detail in the illustrations goes down from one story to the next. There is sibling rivalry, or rivalry between friends, in every story, and it gets a little intense. In the first story the friends yell at each other a lot, and in the last story the sisters are extremely rude to one another. It can be difficult to read through the trivial and over-exaggerated arguments of the characters in each story. The dialogue in general is a bit of a let down. It isn’t very exciting and can be hard to follow. The illustrations and text aren’t terrible, but they will definitely be more tolerable for a younger audience. The book’s aim is to frighten the reader and would reach that aim with most children.

*Contains mild violence.