Heidi Hecklebeck #2: Heidi Hecklebeck Casts a Spell

Book Information
Rating: Dependable
Reading/Interest Level: Primary
Author: Wanda Coven
Illustrator: Priscilla Burris
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
Year: 2012
ISBN: 9781442440883
Pages: 128

Heidi's problems with meanie Melanie continue in this second book of the series, this time focusing on the school play. Heidi is collecting the ingredients to make a spell that will cause Melanie to forget her lines during opening night. Heidi's spell works, and Melanie bursts into tears during the play, making Heidi feel awful enough to reverse the spell. It turns out that Heidi comes from a line of witches, including her mother and her eccentric aunt. Once Heidi's aunt realizes what Heidi has done, she teaches Heidi not use magic for personal gain.

Children will love this series as it is easy to read and has cute drawings on about every other page. The font is large and interesting, with funny names and goofy texts included with the lesson of the story. However, as with the first book, Heidi is being bullied and the issue is not being addressed. Her feelings are explored more, but no resolution to the bullying is offered other than Heidi retaliating and seeking revenge. At least the bitterness of revenge is explored, but the way the book addresses resolution of peer bullying is not up to par and the lesson of the story seems lost.