I Can Only Imagine

I Can Only Imagine.jpg

Movie Information
Rating: Outstanding
Interest Level: Intermediate, Young Adult
Main Performers: J. Michael Finley, Dennis Quaid, Cloris Leachman, Madeline Caroll, Trace Adkins, Pricilla Shirer, Nicole DuPort
Director: Erwin Brothers
Studio: Kevin Downes Productions
Year: 2018
Run Time: 1 hr 50 min
MPAA Rating: PG

When an injury forces Bart Millard into the Glee Club rather than the football team, he discovers that he has a musical talent that he was unaware of. This gift opens new dreams for him, but his father remains abusive and discouraging. Eventually, Bart breaks away to pursue a music career but finds frustration as success remains just out of reach. Deciding to face his anger at his father, he returns home. His father now has cancer and has found God while listening to his son singing on the radio. The two of them find the strength to forgive and move on. As a tribute to his father's transformation, he writes the hit song, "I can Only Imagine."

For those who believe in God, redemption, and forgiveness, this is an amazing movie. While emotionally stirring, the story manages to remain true without digressing into didactic commentary and sappy sentimentality. The story and music are deeply moving and the main character is easy to relate to through his ups and downs. Religious themes can always be challenging both to those with faith and those without, but this movie manages to walk the thin line of entertainment and spiritual tension. I Can Only Imagine is a great movie for the whole family.

*Contains mild language and mild violence.