If You Take A Mouse To School

If You Take A Mouse To School.jpg

Book Information
Rating: Outstanding
Reading/Interest Level: Preschool, Primary
Author: Laura Numeroff
Illustrator: Felicia Bond
Publisher: Scholastic Inc.
Year: 2002
ISBN: 9780439442602
Pages: 32

If you take a mouse to school, he’ll ask for your lunchbox and a sandwich and snack for later. Then he’ll need a notebook and some pencils. He’ll probably want to share your backpack too. When he gets to school, the mouse will do some math, spell some words, and try a science experiment. After that, he’ll need to wash up so he’ll be ready for lunch. The mouse continues on through other adventures at school. Then he’ll ask for your lunchbox, and chances are, you’ll have to take him back to school.

This classic story about the specific and many needs of a mouse is a story that everyone loves. This is a great book that teaches children about some of the things that happen at school. It would also be a good tool to teach children about sequence of events. The timeless illustrations keep the reader engaged and provide enough detail that the reader can understand the plot of the story without even needing the words, especially since there aren’t very many words in the book.