Immortal Game #3: Infinite Risk

Immortal Game #3 Infinite Risk.jpg

Book Information
Rating: Excellent
Reading/Interest Level: Young Adult
Author: Ann Aguirre
Publisher: Feiwel and Friends
Year: 2016
ISBN: 9781250024657
Pages: 376

Edie Kramer faces a new enemy in this installment of Immortal Game, using her father's brilliant technology to slip into an alternate time stream to save Kian. In this version of Kian's life, Edie is not his protegee or love interest; she is his mentor, so she must reimagine herself so she can insert herself into his life. While protecting him from the threat of the immortals, she finds herself battling not only dangerous creatures, but also her own heart. She watches as Kian builds relationships with a new set of friends, and--most painfully--a girlfriend. Edie wears herself out emotionally and physically as she squares off against the powers of the immortals who want to use the humans as pawns in their game. They break her spirit and her body until there is nearly nothing left of her. Instead of diminishing to a nonentity, however, Edie presses through her challenge and receives a reward she never saw coming, as well as an immortal love with whom to share it.

A solid finish to an exciting trilogy, this book does not stand on its own. Avoiding many of the pitfalls of trilogy endings, in this book the characters continue to grow and progress, plot points are surprising, and the writing, pacing, and storytelling remain satisfying. Edie and Kian, along with a new cast of sideline characters and some returning immortals, keep the momentum high. Aguirre leads readers to accept mind-bending time-travel possibilities with scant description and occasional scientific principles, allowing a willing suspension of disbelief. Inverse to many trilogy tropes, the romance in this final book takes an interesting turn as Edie and Kian's relationship shifts to a secondary, friend zone awkwardness. In addition, Edie's emotional dependence on the Harbinger unfolds into something far different than the physical passion in the previous two books. Aguirre's inventive reconstruction of worldwide god-myths sets an interesting and exciting stage for the story to unfold on.

*Contains severe language, severe violence, moderate sexual content, and moderate substance abuse.