In The Haunted House

In the Haunted House.jpg

Book Information
Rating: Outstanding
Reading/Interest Level: Primary
Author: Eve Bunting
Illustrator: Susan Meddaugh
Publisher: Trumpet Club
Year: 1991
ISBN: 9780440843702
Pages: 28

One blue shoe accompanied by a little red shoe step boldly into a haunted house. These two shoes appear in almost every illustration as they explore a house full of scary Halloween scenes. Ghosts drift in the foyer, a vampire is asleep in the tub, and witches wave hello. Spiders creep and monsters greet as the shoes go from room to room. Once outside the spooky attraction, it is clear that the big blue shoes belong to a daddy and the little red ones belong to his orange haired little girl. Dad is ready to go, but his daughter hesitates. This spunky girl enters the house for another round.

Sing-song poetry and colorful illustrations take the reader on a visit to a haunted Halloween attraction. This is a great book for little spooks who like Halloween, but aren’t quite ready for the experience of a real haunted house. The pictures are colorful with lots of greens, blues, and browns outlined in scratchy black ink, reminiscent of Edmund Gorey’s work. Gorey used black and white ink illustrations with hatch marks and scratched textures. These illustrations resemble his style but add color, making it more engaging for children. The rhyming text stays on point and is easily and pleasingly written. It maintains its rhythm and flow and the sentence structure does not contort to fit the rhyme. Overall this is a very nice seasonal book that young children will enjoy hearing and flipping through on their own.